Q&A with Akira Dawn – “Earned by Right of Consciousness.”

M.T. asks,

“What exactly does it mean when you say Earned By Right Of Consciousness?

Akira Dawn responds,

Good question! That’s one of my favorite phrases… it explains a lot of the annoying onion layer schtuff we often have to go through before we finally actually Change our behavior / lives for the better.

Basically, we choose ways of Seeing and Being on a subconscious level all the time, without even realizing we’re doing it – especially when we’re kids. TONS of belief sets, all built around a single goal: Survival.

It’s really worth noting here: Survival INCLUDES emotional and mental well being, not just physical.

These ways are chosen due to experiences in which what you need to do to keep yourself safe and well has become perfectly clear. Surviving, not necessarily Thriving!

And that’s the kicker! Your soul, that amazing Spark of pure life-force at your core isn’t interested in merely surviving. Not only is it constantly pushing for us to reach beyond ourselves – it’s stronger than any fear-based survival mechanism :)

However, our new ways of Seeing and Being must be based upon EXPERIENCE, before the mind will accept them.  Not just theorizing.

Sure, we know when we do X, Y happens and we end up where we don’t want to be…however, as far as the mind is concerned, all that matters is we’re alive! It’s worked, so far!

So, that said,

Earned by Right of Consciousness means that you have experienced a paradigm shift that both your soul AND your mind can agree with.

This can only take place by experiencing it and realizing its worth, to whatever degree it takes to convince and re-assure the mind that you are still safe, and it’s okay to make that shift.

“Yes, sometimes stove burners are hot and it’s dangerous to touch them… but this doesn’t mean that they’re always hot, nor do they need to be avoided all together. In fact, they can be extremely useful! See?”

Or perhaps even,

“See, you really can express yourself just as you are, and be safe doing it…”

Love :)
– Dawn


About Dawn Lamond

'ello! :) I'm a writer, speaker, and intuitive :) My greatest joy is in guiding people to realize their potential - in doing so, I realize mine. Let your light shine... :)

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