Re-Blog: The Emotional Waves Of September 27, 2011

The Emotional Waves Of September 27, 2011 by Christine DeLorey

There is a high concentration of 9 energy in the world today. 27 adds up to 9, and September is the 9th month. This is the 270th day of the year, which also adds up to 9.

Both 2 and 7 emit highly sensitive but different vibrations.

2 symbolizes feminine feelings, cooperation, openness, intuition,
peacefulness and patience. 2 is the number of perception, which is where
major changes are taking place in the human psyche. Our old perceptions
of what is real are breaking down as we continue to leave the denial
that has always obscured our view of life.

7 symbolizes masculine intellect, introspection, secrets, intuition,
and learning. 7 also represents planning, which means thinking ahead,
gathering information, visualizing, and assessing what one will need and
finding ways to attain it. 7 teaches us the fine art of orchestration.


9 is the number of drama, endings, giving, conclusions, deep
emotions, and expanded awareness. 9 is the number of letting go of the
past by learning what your past experiences had to teach you, by
forgiving, and by releasing yourself from inhibition and guilt. Remember
that making mistakes is often how we learn. It is only guilt that tells
us otherwise and stops us from learning the lesson involved.

In the process of healing our emotional wounds, buried feelings rise
to the surface, one of which is often the bitter pain of disappointment.
Another could be love itself – love that has been denied out of fear of
getting hurt. Be patient with the many phases of forgiveness
and remember that love can never hurt you. Never. It is only loss of
love that hurts – and the fear of that loss.

Be honest with yourself about what you are feeling because, under
these concentrated numeric conditions, the vibration of your emotions
can open your mind to realities you have been unable to accept, and
significantly expand your intuitive capabilities.

September 27, 2011 is a 22/4 day in the world, (9+9+4=22/4),
which is a big power number in this 4 global year. The emphasis is on
patience and diplomacy, and the potential to improve conditions for the
masses. Of course, political/industrial power-plays, impatience, and
opposition to large-scale improvement is also emphasized. This is
eye-opening and mind-expanding energy. 4 is the number of system, and we
can learn a lot about the system we live in, if we are courageous
enough to let go of obsolete understandings, and open enough to receive
new insight. 4 is the number of work and how things work. Patient attention to detail is needed.

Be sure to re-read your weekly forecast
because its influence is magnified at all levels now. In fact, it would
be a good idea to read all 9 forecasts and see how they move you,
because 9 contains all the other numbers. (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36. 3+6=9).

This is a time of enlightenment and understanding through emotional
inclusion rather than emotional denial. Allow yourself to FEEL what
you’re really feeling. Be specific. Emotion, after all, is one’s inner
truth – one’s WILL – trying to express itself. We are all aware of how
UN-free the human Will is at this time – and freeing the Will of
humanity is our next evolutionary step.


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