Ask Dawn – On the nature of dreams

Question from Jeannette on Ask Dawn:

I am curious about dreams! What do they have to do with parallel lives, if anything? Are they reflective of past or future events, or total random nonsense? Sometimes in my dream I “recognize” someone who doesn’t look like they do in my life now … what’s up with that?

Hey Jeannette! :)

Jeannette is the author of the Good Vibe Blog – good stuff, all about Law of Attraction (See: Abraham Hicks) and Deliberate Creation. I’ve been a long time subscriber.

So! The question – I was actually pondering about that myself just the other day! It’s a good one :) Here’s what I came up with –

**** What do dreams have to do with parallel lives, if anything? Are they reflective of past or future events, or total random nonsense?

What I decided for myself is that dreams are built in a world of illusion that has much less cohesion and sense of orderliness than the ‘Real’ world.

The real world is considered real by us only because it’s the reality baseline – solid ground, up and down and time and space are what we’ve come to expect. We’d be quite irritated if we woke up one day and gravity was no longer applicable – it would really cramp our style. ;)

However, in dreams? Rules don’t apply. You know how some cars and other technology have limiters put on them in order to insure they don’t go beyond desired extremes of performance? Well, in the dream world, we have no limiters.

Consider the dream world to be like the Virtual Reality, or the Holodeck if you will, of our consciousness.

The reason it’s so chaotic and seemingly making no sense is b/c, to be entirely truthful, we barely understand ourselves. We’ve only scratched the surface of how any of ‘this stuff’ works. In other words, if we had a big enough picture of what was going on – if we understood enough – it wouldn’t appear at all random or chaotic.

As for what we experience, there are levels of consciousness and awareness in the ‘Real’ world – and this is the same in the dream world. How far we can send our awareness into a level of ‘unconscious’ consciousness depends on our own wiring, understanding and development.

– We can experience random firings of our brain just kinda burping out details from the day that are lingering in memory.
– We can ‘live’ through the dark underbelly of our subconscious burbling up to the surface to wave a hand and let us know that no, we really haven’t worked through that fear of spiders yet.
– We can slide into Lucid Dreaming.
– We can even astral project through our awareness and leave our bodies behind all together for a time!

Robert Moss is my go-to guy on the subject – Conscious Dreaming: A Spiritual Path for Every Day Life is truly excellent.

So, I DO NOT believe dreams and the dream world are random total nonsense. My thought on it is that if we were to have our limiters taken off in the ‘Real World’ right this instant? That’s a little bit what it would look like, only the impact would have more, well…impact. ;) That’s what real world limiters are for – training wheels.

As we grow into our abilities, and earn them by right of consciousness, by right of actually understanding how they work and why and the impact we have on our fellow adventurers… we get upgrades. Liiiiike, the ability to deliberately manifest our reality, for instance. :)

In direct response to the question about parallel lives showing up in dreams – sure? Why not?

There’s even a guy who’s learned to do professional photograph, speak foreign language and more from his alternate selves (his name eludes me at the moment o.O). If anything, including the kitchen sink, can show up in the dream realm… why not our parallel selves?

**** Sometimes in my dream I “recognize” someone who doesn’t look like they do in my life now … what’s up with that?

I’d be willing to bet there’s a bajillion possible answers to this question…here’s my thoughts on it! :)

A person’s soul spark, their individuality, is held within an energy signature that is not bound by the limits of time and space.

Unlimited by time and space, we can appear as anything we want (See: What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams. LOVE that movie :D GREAT book too!) and yet that soul signature, that personal flavor if you will, remains… they Feel familiar, to the point that we recognize them even if they’re not ‘them’.

Another possibility is that you are projecting them, yourself. Next time it happens, notice the defining characteristics. That ‘character’ in your dream sequence may be acting as a placeholder for an idea or a way of being. There’s something there for you to notice, or you wouldn’t have noticed! Fun how that works – very convenient, that. :)

Thanks for doing me the honor of asking! It’s always fun to share thoughts and ideas – and if you have anything you’d like to share in this vein or another, you’re more than welcome to keep up the dialogue :D

Love :)
– Dawn


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