From ThePowerPath Monthly Forecast: Acceleration

By Lena Stevens

The main theme for December is ACCELERATION.

In order to shift into the next gear, there needs to be acceleration and an increase of speed. With the increase of speed, and just before you shift, the lower gear is overworked and can no longer maintain the acceleration and the speed without effort and being hard on the engine. As you shift into a higher gear, you are able to maintain a greater speed with less effort.

This month you are very much like a vehicle that needs to speed up in order to keep up with the flow of traffic. But as you accelerate in your lower gear, at some point you will need to shift into a higher gear, the next level of consciousness or the next frequency. Shifting into a higher gear means accepting the accelerated times as standard and allowing the current level of activity to feel normal, effortless, familiar and balanced.

We have an opportunity to work with “time” this month, to shift and reinvent how we perceive it. We have an opportunity to move beyond our old concepts of time and the limitations that those old beliefs and concepts have imprinted us with. Don’t be surprised if this month you have some kind of experience where you feel you are in a time warp, or you experience a feeling of de ja vu.  One minute you feel as if there is no time at all to accomplish what you need to do, and the next minute you feel as if there is all the time in the world. Some days will go by slowly, like molasses, and other days will speed by so quickly you will not know where the day went. Things you did yesterday will seem like you experienced them a whole year ago, and things you are doing today may feel like you have been doing them your whole life.

Everything is accelerated. Events that come together, situations falling apart, new projects that get started, decisions that get made and changes that occur. What if you woke up and your hair was 2 inches longer overnight? What if you lost or gained 10 pounds overnight? What if were able to learn or grasp something new in a fraction of the time you would have expected? What if something that used to take 2 months only took 1 day? Creativity and destruction both are accelerated at this time. A healing process can be accelerated as well as disease and death. And we also have the opportunity to begin to use a greater percentage of our brain as the quantum field opens its mysteries up to us and we wake up our DNA.

Remember that our belief systems and our perceptions create our reality therefore the reality that has been our taskmaster of “time” is going through a change. We are directing this change. Time is stretching, accelerating, slowing down, becoming elastic, and moving towards being a multi dimensional experience instead of a linear one. The key in changing how we create time is in letting go of the mind’s need to control, to know, to track, and to organize. In the acceleration of the month, the mind in fact will not have an option. It will have to simply give up its need to track, organize, categorize, and understand. It cannot keep up.

Think of yourself sitting in a train and watching the environment out the window as you speed by. It is impossible to freeze a view or get anything more than a sense of what you are seeing. However it is an accepted belief that the brain actually records everything even when the mind cannot process it in a linear way. So we are in fact moving from a linear way of operating and understanding to a non-linear or multi-dimensional experience. This will take some time to get used to. In the meantime you can do your part through acceptance, non-judgment, compassion for others and setting your own good boundaries.

“Boundaries” is a theme carried over from last month. When you find too much on your plate, only you can decide what is a priority, what is important, what you can delegate, what you can say “no” to, and how you can bring balance into the acceleration.  It is most important to set boundaries around habitual expectations of others that no longer serve you or that are no longer appropriate for you to deliver. There will always be someone who is not happy with your boundaries. Allow them to be unhappy and set your boundaries anyway. Beware of becoming frustrated, argumentative, feeling out of control, anxious and unsettled. The only thing you can control is yourself. So this is a time where you can practice taking control of your life, setting your own boundaries, becoming responsible for yourself in ways you have not been before, and treating everything around you with acceptance and neutrality.

When you don’t resist the acceleration and you flow with the movement it feels productive, inspiring, ecstatic, effortless, exhilarating and evolved. When you resist, it can feel off center, sluggish, out of tune, and like the energy is moving in fits and starts. The high-octane fuel you need at this time is your own trust in your intuition and your willingness to leave the controls of the mind behind. Once you taste the exhilaration of being in sync with the acceleration, be careful not to move into impatience when you see others struggling around you. Remember to be compassionate and neutral.

Many will be challenged this month. When things spin out of control, there are many responses and reactions. Fear, hysteria, denial, withdrawl, confusion, impatience with others, martyrdom and blame, stubbornness (the “I won’t” syndrome) and a general sense of being on the edge of going off the deep end. You will witness people behaving unlike themselves and having meltdowns as they look at where their agreements are, feeling overwhelmed with what they think they need to accomplish, and struggling with their own belief that things are moving too fast. (suggested helpful audio: How to Deal with Melt Downs, link here to order).

Too fast for what? If you catch yourself saying “things are moving too fast”, change the affirmation to “things are moving at a perfect pace and I love it”. If you find yourself saying, “I have too much on my plate, too much to do and I can’t do it”, change the affirmation to “I have the perfect amount to do, plenty of time and energy with which to do it, and what I do is exactly what I need and want to be doing”. Use the visual image of shifting into a higher gear to take the stress off the transmission and the effort out of the movement. Take a deep breath and relax.

How the month shows up:


One minute you are up, the next down. One day you are overwhelmed and unproductive, the next day you are perfectly synchronized, balanced and accomplish a great deal. This is an opportunity to work with time, work with boundaries and work with some new affirmations that will help you reconfigure your belief system about what is possible. The main thing is to keep a “don’t know mind”. Become comfortable with not knowing what or how.

We are already beginning to feel the influences of the next time frame (2012) affecting our sense of order and control. Learning to be comfortable with chaos will be a major theme next year and this is starting to affect everyone now. Beware of getting attached in any way to what someone promises you, tells you or agrees to. Don’t get attached to plans, traditions or expectations. Remember that you can only control how you react and what you yourself do, not how others react or what they decide or do. Choose something in your life that you can truly control and make order out of it. It will give you a sense of grounding, accomplishment and control. As to everything else, let it be.

Your intentions and affirmations this month especially during the first ten days carry a lot of power as we begin the month in the window of two eclipses. So be sure to focus some time on what you want and don’t be afraid to dream big. Anything is possible during this accelerated time and things can happen more quickly than you could ever have imagined.


Relationships will be tested in the boundary area. You may need to say “no” or you may need to accept a “no” from someone else. Be neutral and non-reactive. Agreements and karma are accelerated, intensity is accelerated, and movement is accelerated. What in the past has taken months to develop, such as levels of trust, intimacy and partnership, may take just a few days during these times. Major decisions for marriage, divorce, contracts, living together, splitting apart, termination or initiation will be accelerated and happen very quickly. Some of you are still working with the influences of the renewal theme of last month. If something in the relationship arena was renewed for you, the new platform for the relationship will take off at an accelerated pace this month. Remember to stay out of fear.

If you have been actively setting intention for a new relationship in your life, it could very well happen this month. Revisit your intentions and rewrite them on a new piece of paper. Work with them daily remembering to not be attached to what, how and when.


This month could be very windy. The element of air is prominent in the movement aspect of the month and will support acceleration in the environment. There may be storms with high winds, delays in travel due to winds, and changes that occur due to heavy winds. Other forces are at work as well but they will be influenced in some way by wind.

You can work on your own personal environment by working with your breath. Become conscious and aware of breath and the element of air breathing you, changing you, nourishing you, and cleansing you. When you are at the mercy of wind, don’t resist it but rather work with it as a crucial life giving power that will support the acceleration in your life.


The body always goes into some resistance when there is a strong movement of energy it has to adapt to. This month is no different. You could find yourself experiencing some flu like symptoms but not really the flu. You could also go through ups and down in your energy levels.

Keep the kidneys warm as they tend to be stressed in times of uncertainty and strong movement. Take time when you need it to rest and curl up into a cocoon of comfort.

As we mentioned, in accelerated times, everything can happen faster. If you are in the process of healing, the healing can be accelerated. If you are choosing to learn lessons through illness, the illness can be accelerated. If you are gaining weight, you will do it faster. If you are getting into shape and losing weight, that process can also be accelerated. The discipline is in keeping the old beliefs of the mind from interfering with the potential. If you feel achy, don’t jump to conclusions. Beware of formally diagnosing any condition as it may fix it in your mind and your physical reality as a limitation. Things are not always what they seem.

Just as for relationships, take advantage of the accelerated times and flexibility in “time” to revisit your intentions for your personal health.

Decide how you want it to be.


Accelerated, up, down and sideways best describes this area. Don’t get attached is the best policy. The idea of not taking “no” for an answer is of an old model and an old paradigm. The new model is a respect for the boundaries of others while not taking it personally, and a trust that your strong intentions will manifest regardless of how others react. This month projects can take off due to the accelerated times. Partnerships can come together, change, terminate or go through a reconfiguring of boundaries.

There is great intuitive clarity this month even though there might not be great mental clarity. Learn to trust it. It is also a waste of time to rehash what you might have done differently or better when something does not work out. You literally do not have the luxury of the time it takes to ponder the past and how it could have been different. All the energy these days is about looking ahead, moving forward, and shifting gears to the next level.

Beware of holding grudges and blame. Allow others to be whatever and wherever they are and allow them to change their minds. The best policy is to treat everyone you have contact with as if you are meeting them for the first time. In that way you release any past judgment or attachment or expectation of how they should be and there is more freedom to take advantage of the acceleration and movement.

Economy and finance will be up and down and sideways as well. Just when you think you have it figured out, a big windstorm will come along and blow it all apart.


Stay neutral and unattached. Allow for movement in all political arenas without expectation or theory or projection. We really do not know at all how it is going to turn out anywhere. We underestimate the power of creativity and instant manifestation in these accelerated times. So listen, observe, acknowledge, and be interested for the sake of being interested but stay neutral. Just as in business and finance and partnerships, allow people to change their minds and their decisions without being judged. Stay out of reaction and adopt the phrase and answer, “Oh, is that so?”

It is also best not to take sides. When you are extremely either for or against something, you create polarity and limit the outcome. The part you can play in the future is to be as neutral and undecided as possible giving the collective the greatest freedom to create what is appropriate and right.


December 1-7: We are still in the window between the two eclipses and in a most potent time for paying attention to boundaries, energy leaks, recreating intentions and getting comfortable with the new speed of things. Stay focused. During this time we suggest that you do some form of aerobic exercise. Jog, run, bike, ski or anything else that will give you a sense of movement, speed and physical power. This will help to anchor the acceleration as well as to increase your circulation. When you train your physical body, you also help the emotional, mental and energy bodies.

This is also a time to set good boundaries and look at everything that is on your plate. What can you delegate that someone else can easily do for you? Even though this is not especially a time for communal exchange and events, community support can help in building your own personal power. What you do with your attitude, your time and your intentions in this time frame will set up how the rest of your month goes. If you are going to accelerate a car, you want to make sure the road is straight ahead with no obstacles. So know where you are going with what you can know, and be comfortable and accepting with what you don’t yet know.

December 8-16: Put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride. You can either have a blast and a lot of fun, or you can be miserable, blaming, judging, irritated and unhappy. If so, you are not doing what you want and resisting the movement and acceleration, or you are trying to control what you cannot control. Let it go, let it be, give up, give in, forgive, accept, relax, loosen up, say “no” when you need to and say “yes, why not?” when you can. Enjoy chaos when present and remember to be flexible about everything. The more neutral you can be the more you will enjoy yourself and get to the place of being delighted instead of miserable.

December 10: Full Moon at 7:38 AM Mountain Standard Time. This full moon is accompanied by a total eclipse of the moon visible in North America. Needless to say it is a very powerful time and serves as the bookend to an intense time of change and acceleration that began on the New Moon on November 24. Definitely do something to acknowledge this day. Make an inventory of what has changed for you and spend some time dreaming big and thinking outside the box regarding your intentions.

December 17-23: The new influences are creeping in and you may feel like a multiple personality during this time. One day you have one reaction, the next day a different one around the same issue. Stay out of judgment. Accept what is really clear to you in terms of where you want to be and who with. Make some strong decisions especially around the solstice time about your boundaries, relationships, work, expression, what is OK with you and what is not OK. You may also be inspired to break out of certain traditions that have to do with family and holidays in order to take time to do something meaningful for yourself. Remember that there will always be someone not happy with your decisions and boundaries. Set them anyway.

December 21: Winter Solstice is at 10:23 PM Mountain Standard Time. A time to celebrate your life, your responsibility to yourself, your power, your talents, your purpose, your vitality, your inspiration. Make a list of everything that stands in the way of that and burn it with ceremony. Take note of where you are, what you are doing and who with. How is it? If you don’t like it, change it.

December 24: New Moon is at 11:08 AM Mountain Standard Time. This is a time for anchoring, for affirming, for sticking to your boundaries and for inserting order into something you can control. A good day to organize any space that is yours or improve your environment in some way. Being as this is also a holiday in many traditions, make sure you are not compromising yourself but in control of your decisions around how you are spending the day. It’s OK to say “no”.

December 24-31: This is a reflective time where you can contemplate all the things that feel out of control to you and all the aspects of your life that feel accelerated beyond what you feel you can manage. Do some work around acceptance, your relationship with time, your attachment to disappointment, and try to get to a place of neutrality with anything that does not feel OK or right. This may take some focus work where you scrutinize your reactions and practice letting go of the temptation to dwell on the past and what has not manifested in the ways you expected.

By this time you should be in that higher gear and things should seem calmer and more manageable. In reality, the energy is just as speedy and multidimensional. You have just gotten more used to it and the higher gear makes for a smoother ride.

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful month!




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