To Live

We’re not intended to lock down our lives in easy to-go packages that make perfect sense. We’re meant to live them.


About Dawn Lamond

'ello! :) I'm a writer, speaker, and intuitive :) My greatest joy is in guiding people to realize their potential - in doing so, I realize mine. Let your light shine... :)

Posted on March 14, 2012, in The Daily Spark. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Hey! Very Helpful! Everything is in flux and kinda messy in my life. This frees me – the pre packaged easy to go isn’t life – living and being with the changes, the things that all of a sudden go in a different way than you thought they would – that’s life.

  2. Yep! And yet that pre-packaged life is very seductive. It can feel safe to have a scheduled life with money in the bank – makes everything feel as if we have control over it if we can just get it to go with the program.

    That’s not true, however…it just means we miss out on all the good stuff we don’t see because all our energy is put into maintaining the illusion of control.

    Definitely seems to be about balance. Some structure but not rigidly held, and allowing for flow in between. Reminds me of a quote I just read that I’ve been pondering…

    When man is born, he is tender and weak.
    At death, he is stiff and hard.
    All things, the grass as well as trees,
    are tender and supple while alive.
    When dead, they are withered and dried.
    Therefore the stiff and hard are companions of death.
    The tender and the weak are companions of life.
    – Lao-Tzu

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