The Weekly Vibe – 07-16-12

Energy o’ the Week

Phew! Welcome to diving within… the energy for the next few weeks is all about returning to the drawing board. Back to basics, the origin of your current experiences. Where did they begin? Are they going the way you want them to? And if not…what would you like to change? Pay attention to the conclusions you come to – this may even be a good time to keep a dream journal if you don’t already. Visions of all kinds are sure to be lively.

Connecting Deeply

(Times are in Eastern – time zone converter)
Akashic Records Quickfire Readings by Email – just write in with your question today by 5pm at the very latest!
Session: Done by Email
TimeTODAY TODAY TODAY! :) 4pm – 5pm
– One Question
– One Response
Exchange: Love :)

Extended Akashic Record Readings
Session: Group Call by Phone or Skype
TimeThursday, July 19th – 8pm to 9pm – Register with PayPal by 6pm that day to receive the number and access code!
Description: I love diving in to the Akashic Records – basically it’s like tuning in to the Quantum Field of All that Is with an overlay of helpful librarians to guide the way :)
– Several Questions
– Several Responses
Exchange: $30 :)

Session: 1 Hour by phone, Once a week for 6 weeks
Time: We’ll set it up together :)
Description: 6 weeks of coaching you into your awesomeness with entirely custom made sessions created just for you. Are you ready? Let’s find out! Just write in to schedule a 20 min quick-consult – there’s way too much to tell you all about it in a short description! :)

About Dawn Lamond

'ello! :) I'm a writer, speaker, and intuitive :) My greatest joy is in guiding people to realize their potential - in doing so, I realize mine. Let your light shine... :)

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