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The Pulse …in all

Words like light and dark are thrown around all the time without much thought behind it. ‘He is the light of my life…’ … ‘there is a darkness in her…’ and such. Calling upon the forces of light. Casting out the dark. There’s even a term referred to as Lightworker.

But what’s it really mean? As I lay in stillness, I posed this question to the silence. And I received an answer that felt powerful and true yet not in words at all.

I saw an endless field of nothing…just that: nothing. Not even a field – and yet there was a presence in and of the nothingness. And then came a ripple, a vibration as if on the surface of glass or water or even in sound.

Light and dark sprang into existence as presence bent around it, and I suddenly came into the understanding that they are flip sides of each other.

It is not that light casts out darkness or darkness defeats light. It is more that light defines dark and dark defines light – yet beneath it all is the presence in and of everything. In other words, dark or light, the same presence is there.

It’s the presence that is the life and energy behind all of creation – light and dark are just ideas spun out to play with for a bit. Ideas in duality to allow all that is to explore all that is.

Exploration is the name of the game, and we have only been playing with a tiny ripple thus far. Just two dimensions and the many ideas spun therein like time and space by the conscious points of awareness we are.

What’s next? Presence already knows…and apparently so shall we, when we’re ready.

Are you ready? :)

The Pulse …in relationship

With Mercury retrograde and a whole host of other heavenly bodies having had us dancing on our toes with each other lately, relationships are definitely coming up for re-examination. What kind? All kinds.

Here’s the little tidbit that led me to write today: Did you know that there is a third entity created between you and anyone (or anything, for that matter!) in relationship? Think of it as a floating ball of energy between you and your best friend, or you and your wallet.

When it comes to working with energy using such tools as Reiki, or even reading such energy using such tools as tarot, a pendulum, etc… the ball of energy between you and the other individual or object is open territory.

What this comes down to is, it is not ethically appropriate to manipulate someone else’s energy when you’re fighting with them. You can, however, address the co-created bundle of vibes between you with whatever hopes and understandings, healings and realization, you want.

This goes for objects, too. Objects in this physical reality we live in are placeholders, projections for our ideas and energy flow. You can step into the stream, mid-stream, and work with all the constructs related to those objects (such as your car relating to how you move in life, your house as to your body and health, your wallet as to your finances, etc). Here you can do readings, adjust flow or whatever to your heart’s content.

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