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Let the Sun Shine


January Monthly Forecast from The Power Path: Destabilization

By Lena Stevens

For a more specific overview of the trends for 2012 please order our Mp3 or CD of TRENDS 2012 (link here).

The main theme for January is Destabilization. The secondary attributes are Interruptionand Disruption.

This month you will experience a movement and destabilization that will feel initially like everything is out of balance. Think of how it would feel if you were standing on solid ground and suddenly the horizon tipped or the earth moved slightly. Those of you who have experienced an earthquake may be somewhat familiar with that feeling. What happens is that the instinctive center opens up, releasing all of your survival information all at once in order to give you access to what might be useful to navigate the situation.

When the instinctive center opens up, it may cause temporary anxiety and a sensation of danger. It can also bring up old fears that have long been buried. There could also be an adrenalin rush or a sense of physical discomfort where relaxation seems impossible. Reactions could also include a loss of appetite or unconscious binge eating. It is an upset due to what has seemed stable being turned sideways.

Destabilization can show up in many aspects of your life and we would like to point out that the purpose of it is positive in the end. Your experience of this month will be directly related to how you accept, navigate and allow for the disruption. You will have an opportunity to move yourself from one experience into another through the rip in the fabric of your own stability that the disruption has caused.

Here are some examples of what we are talking about:

Suppose you had a job with a company you thought was very stable and you had a plan for your future that was based on this stability. If suddenly you found out that the company was closing and you were going to be out of a job, you would feel destabilized. The stable fabric of your life and your plans for the future would rip apart. The image here would be that rather than trying to sew up or mend the rip, you would go through the opening or portal that it has created in order to see what is on the other side. Working with destabilization proactively takes courage and a certain trust that everything happens for a reason and that there is always opportunity on the other side. Beware of falling into Martyrdom around what happens and use these events as messages to move forward.

The same example can be used for something in your environment, as simple as a tool you had for years suddenly breaking, or your car dying, or an even greater event of losing a relationship you thought would always be there through death or break up. These are all destabilizing events in varying degrees. It is important to acknowledge each one no matter how small or insignificant it seems. Not to be overly dramatic in your reaction, “my life is ruined”, but just simply to honor that there is a shift in your stability that has suddenly created an opportunity.

Artisans are good at destabilizing. And since we are in an artisan year everyone will experience what that is like. Imagine you have everything in its right place in your home and someone comes in and changes everything around while you are away. Occasionally it is a good thing, however the process is very destabilizing. The same thing goes for a remodel. If you want to upgrade your kitchen, the process requires a destabilized time where routines are interrupted and everything is in some degree of chaos.

Artisans are also good at thinking outside the box. When something in your life becomes destabilized, rather than trying to recreate the same thing according to your comfort level, stretch your imagination a bit and ask for the artisan in you to be a bit more creative than you have been in the past. Don’t be afraid to ask for a bigger dream. This is sometimes difficult when you are in the throws of your instinctive center being wide-open and causing reactions of anxiety and feelings of instability. The automatic reaction is often to try and stabilize as quickly as possible by going back to what you know is safe and stable. In order to take full advantage of the opportunities this month you will need to work proactively and be disciplined about allowing yourself to be destabilized for as long as it takes to move through the rip and take a look at what awaits you on the other side.

In dealing with the instinctive center it is important to actively focus on closing it down after the initial reaction of a destabilizing event. You don’t want to close it down completely as it may be in the process of unloading non-useful old patterns and information, but you do want to close it down enough so that it does not bypass your ability to function. An instinctive center that is too open for too long will keep you in irrational fear, severe anxiety and paranoia. To close the instinctive center, visualize a red sphere of energy at the base of your spine. Whatever size it is, shrink it down to the size of a golf ball or about 3 centimeters in diameter. The instinctive center is related to the first chakra in the simplest explanation. This is a good visualization to do before bed especially if you suffer from anxiety.

Being proactive with the theme of Destabilization may require you to look at what is in your life that is stagnant and too static. Some environments, relationships, habits and behaviors in your life may feel like stability to you, but in the face of this year being about movement, chaos and creativity, they may in fact be holding you back. The proactive way of working with the theme this month is to be honest and truthful with yourself about what is stagnant and static and non-serving. What is too stable and taken for granted? What are your assumptions? Your essence often knows these things before your personality does so if you have been feeling a bit antsy and impatient, or if you are feeling a bit bored, those are signs that there is something wanting to push its way into your life or rip your fabric of stability and urge you to look beyond what you have and are currently experiencing. It really can be quite exciting when anticipated as an evolution rather than a loss.

Let’s look at how Interruption and Disruption affect things this month.

You have a plan. Suddenly something changes, a flight gets cancelled, a weather system comes in, a friend changes plans, you get unexpected news, you get sick, the power goes out, your car dies, there is an emergency, someone needs help and so on. This causes an interruption to your flow and a disruption to your plans. You have a choice as to how you react to this inconvenience. You can either resent it, feel martyred, put upon, impatient and irritated, or you can see it as a necessary intrusion that you have created that allows you to do something completely different from your original plan. If you always have the idea and intention that these interruptions and disruptions will lead to something better or at least give you an opportunity to eliminate something no longer useful, then you will feel much more in control.

The challenges and non-constructive feelings and behaviors.

Feeling victimized by sudden destabilizing surprises.

Feeling impatient around things not happening the way you want.

Feeling overly fearful and anxious.

Feeling depressed around your own ineffectiveness.

Feeling inertia, despair and withdrawal.

Overdramatizing and over reacting. Hysteria and anger.

Rehashing the past to see what went wrong, what you did wrong, what others did wrong.

Blaming and judging.

Letting your instinctive center get the better of you.

The opportunities and positive ways of navigating.

Seeing every event as leading to something better.

Trusting in the right timing and divine order of what happens.

Being neutral and patient and taking responsibility for creating what is.

Seeing the humor and laughing out loud.

Using the times to clear out and clean out no longer useful information in your instinctive center.

Creating positive disruption in your life to move you to a new and better experience.

Being able to see interruption and disruption as temporary necessities.

Feeling excited and inspired by the possibilities on the other side of the ripped fabric.

Shifting your definition of a “painful experience” to “experiencing growing pains”

Helpful practices.

Walking a labyrinth. Walking a labyrinth actually destabilizes your brain so it can release how you have been holding your reality by confusing it directionally.

Walking backwards, hanging upside down, being conscious of which hand or foot you begin with and shifting to the other one as an exercise.

Engaging the moving center whenever possible and staying physically active.

Clearing out clutter in your environment, eliminating something old and bringing in something new.

Learning a new task you thought you could never do.

Changing your schedule around to do things in a different order or at different times.

Eliminating old traditions that are not meaningful for you today.

Consciously starting your day with the intention of welcoming anything unusual or any interruptions to your plans.

Doing anything new with intention of change and expansion.

How the month shows up:


This is a tremendous opportunity to clean up what is in your instinctive center that has organized your fabric of stability while at the same time limiting your experiences. See this as a month of growth, in line with the goal for the year. Intend to stretch a little whenever you can and work proactively both with your instinctive center and with any events that happen around you that disrupt your sense of balance and stability. You are truly in the driver’s seat this month in terms of how you experience it. Instability is never comfortable so learn to be OK with feeling out of balance as long as it does not persist too long and you don’t become victimized by it.

If something intrudes upon your life this month, work with it. Intend that the intrusion will be useful in propelling you to the next level of your own growth and evolution. Be OK with being uncomfortable, and especially be OK with the “not knowing” part of what is happening. You can deepen your trust this month of right timing and acceptance.

What you can personally accomplish around clearing out what is static and stable to your detriment is probably the biggest opportunity you have this month for personal growth.


Relationships that have been overly stable and taken for granted may need to be rattled a bit to infuse new growth into them, especially partnerships of many years and family relationships where you have a mental perception of that person being in a stable position in your life. Some of you may experience surprises this month of people coming into your life that destabilize your routines in some way, or create significant changes in your relationships due to break ups, deaths, separation or recognition of some karma that needs to be resolved.

Look for unexpected events to happen around relationships and your sense of stability around them. Be prepared for surprising reactions, for unexpected expression, some behaving more negatively, and some more positively than you would think. The best way to use this month when dealing with relationships is to see all of them as opportunities for growth and to accept intrusion, changes in plans and other disruptions they can activate. Be flexible, neutral and stay out of judgment in terms of what you think is right and wrong.


What destabilizes the environment? The intrusion of something unnatural, an increase in solar and sunspot activity, a change in magnetic forces and fields, and a collective intention for change. Look for all of these things to play a part in what the environment expresses this month and this whole year. There may be events that trigger the instinctive center and the survival instincts in some parts of the world. There may also be very unusual weather patterns or sequences that begin to occur as the eccentricity of the artisan year takes hold. Be flexible with interruptions and disruption to plans that are due to the environment. As we unpack the quality of the artisan over the next few months, there will be new and creative ways that people will look at the environment, what we can do with it, and how we can be in better balance with it instead of resisting whatever feels like instability and chaos.

This is the year of wind so you will probably experience the spirit of air in some form in your interactions with the environment.


When you think of stability in the physical body, you think of balance, brain function, the inner ear, and your mobility interacting with gravity in a certain way. What if gravity were to change and what if you were not able to stand up straight but listed to one side? And what if your systems were as erratic as the weather?

This month there is a possibility of erratic behavior in your physical body.  You could experience destabilization in blood pressure, heart function, breathing, dizziness and balance issues, interrupted sleep patterns, issues with your joints especially hips, knees and ankles, digestion and hormones.

Remember that anything that intrudes in this way on your “stability” indicates a need to pay attention and to use the condition as a portal to move beyond your current understanding of what health is. Accept the body as much more creative and flexible than you thought, and give it the opportunity to experience something different. For those of you who are struggling with serious health conditions, this would be the month to try something new and different as a remedy or course of treatment. It just might work.


This is a very good month to restructure, eliminate, add, make changes, remodel and turn things upside down. This is an area where you can be the most proactive with the theme of destabilization. Don’t wait for it to happen to you from the outside and through someone else. Follow your intuition regarding what is occurring and make some choices and decisions that will put you in charge of the chaos and change instead of at the effect of it. Review your finances and make new decisions about where you are spending and investing. Take a risk towards something that is meaningful to you.  In your business, reconfigure positions within teams of people and don’t be afraid to be somewhat ruthless in the restructuring process. Be willing to be flexible in the direction that a project wants to take even if it is completely different than your original vision.

This promises to be an interesting time for businesses that have appeared to be stable in the past. Be prepared for some surprises in this area and make sure you have as much control as you can over your work, money, ideas, schedule and projects.

***If you have not downloaded the audio Mp3  “Intentions, Goals and Resolutions” it is helpful in this area especially at the beginning of a new year (link here).


Often destabilization is necessary in order for a new way to emerge. New creativity requires the destruction and dismantling of the old. We could see destabilized factions in different governments appearing to be nothing but destructive mayhem and chaos. It is a sure thing that something new will be created out of the ashes. The universe is highly creative. Nothing stays the same. So if you don’t like it, be patient and hold the intention for it to change into something more positive and then trust that it will.

In keeping with the spirit of air and wind, we could also mention that this element could show up in long-winded political discussions among those full of “air”. Remember also that the moving center of the year will keep things moving from one to another and back and forth faster than any of us can keep track of. Look for surprises that disrupt and change your attitudes to global issues and how they are being managed and expressed. Don’t get too attached even to your own ideals and positions.


January 1-8: A time of preparation. The currents are changing but still sufficiently deep that they are not yet affecting what is on the surface. There are deep rumblings underground and in the subconscious of the collective that are also not yet felt on the surface but that are setting us up for a destabilized time. Get your ducks in a row. Have strong intentions but be flexible. Take the stance of a martial artist whose stability and power depends on their ability to move with the energy rather than against it. If you have an intuition about something about to change that requires some action from you, don’t wait to take action or make a decision. Do it now.

Some of you may experience something intruding on your stability right from the beginning. Use it as a template to position yourself to be ready to dance. If you are feeling stuck and stagnant at this time, do some of the practices to move your energy forward. Be proactive.


January 9: Full Moon is at 12:32 AM Mountain Standard Time. Make sure you are doing something expansive, perhaps a bit out of character or eccentric, and allow for something out of the ordinary to happen that may be a bit disruptive in a positive way. See anything that happens around this time as a gift that is setting you up for positive growth. Focus on the artisan and what creativity is to you. How can you be more creative in your life right now?

January 10-16: A time of navigating something new. By this time either you have been proactive with launching something that has destabilized your life or you are experiencing the effect of something that has come into your life that has destabilized it for you. This is a time of practicing acceptance, neutrality and stretching yourself to see what is on the other side of the rip in your fabric of stability instead of trying to repair it. Work with the instinctive center if it has been stimulated in an uncomfortable way and be courageous about moving into new territory, be it with business, love or health.  It will also be important during this time of disruption that you have something that you practice daily that will give you some inner sense of stability.

January 17-22: Either you have successfully pushed yourself though the rip in the fabric and are experiencing the wonders and the opportunity beyond your previously stable but limited environment, or you have fallen into the more negative effects of some disruption in your life. If the latter is the case, make sure you are not being affected by others reactions or inability to cope. Be available to others but do not join them in their martyrdom, misery or blame. Keep asking the question, ” What perfect opportunity do I have here for growth and expansion? ” How can I take full advantage of what I have created here for myself?” Take responsibility and be proactive whenever you can.

If on the other hand you are experiencing tremendous breakthroughs and expansion, keep in gratitude, keep focused and keep being proactive. Keep acceptance, keep neutrality and keep being creative, courageous and thinking outside the box.

January 23: New Moon is at 12:42 AM Mountain Standard Time. This is a time when depression could hit or you could become overwhelmed with the disruption and destabilization around you. This is a good day to pull your energy in and focus only on the tasks at hand. Don’t get distracted by others and their process. You will likely have many things on your plate. They can all wait. Take time for yourself and yourself only even if it is just to watch a bad movie. Stay out of judgment about events and situations, as they are all just temporary. Take a break.

January 24-31: The instinctive center comes back around as a major player during this time. Watch for anxiety and unwarranted fears. Do what you can to turn them into powerful projections of inspiration and excitement. It will be very important that you do something new and different, a bit eccentric and unusual at this time. Get help if you need to especially with motivation if you are feeling stuck or lethargic. This is also a very good time to launch something new in your business or relationship or partnership or environment. It is a good time to remodel, move locations, redo your wardrobe, change out your appliances, get a new computer, change a system, change a health routine, get a puppy or a kitten, join a program, or anything else that will put an end to some of your stability but will definitely enliven and improve your life.

Have a wonderful month!


Recommended Audio:

For a more specific overview of the trends for 2012 please order our Mp3 or CD of TRENDS 2012 (link here).

Understanding The Instinctive Center (link here).

Intentions, Goals and Resolutions Mp3 (link here).

Know What You Need, Say What You Want

We often sell off little pieces of ourselves in the name of being polite, not making waves, not ‘causing problems’ or ‘being selfish’ … and we don’t even realize it. It’s just seen as how things are done…

However, when we’re not authentic – with others and especially ourselves…that’s when we get lost. Our very own soul’s path becomes muddled and hidden under obligations, expectations and shoulds.

This can feel like the safe thing to do, the ‘right’ and unselfish, ‘nice’ thing to do…but you’re actually selling yourself and everyone else so short in the long run. You were born to be you, not someone else’s safe and polite version of you. And if you’re not you…the world is missing out on a lot! Just think of who you could be, of what you could be doing!

It’s so easy, however…from the very beginning we’re taught to control our desires and impulses. To a degree this helps us work together in a way that’s helpful and productive for all…but at some point individuality suffers.

When is it time to be the real you? Apparently this was supposed to happen when we ‘grew up and knew better…’ But, did you notice? That never actually seems to happen.

My thoughts? The time to be me – the time to be you! – is right now.

You don’t have to do it all at once. :) Just think about it for a bit – ponder how aware you are of who the real you is, and how the real you would be and feel and act.

Think of it as a fun exercise – perhaps it’s time to get to know yourself just a little bit better… :) 2012 is the year to rise and shine as individuals sharing a singular experience of life right now.

That’s what this week’s sparks are all about. :) I created this little poster for myself to help me remember…nothing fancy, just the idea of it. I invite you to make it your own if you get the urge! Try it on for size. :)

Know What You Need – Say What You Want

Here’s what it looks like!

Know What You Need

Say What You Want


New Year Inspiration

I’ve heard it said, and come to realize myself, that focusing on what we enjoy and feel inspired by is the best way to invite more of it into our lives… So, with my eyes on the New Year, I now present the collection of  long quotes that I’ve gathered over the years under the tag ‘Inspirational.’ Credit to the author is given when available :)

You can find this here on the main Spirit Space site along with other sources of inspiration :D

Pillars of Light – Sananjaleen

I AM a Pillar of Light, a Beam, an anchor offering stability. Offering freshness and clarity to those who would draw the Light through Me and benefit there from:

And so I stand with others of the Starlight, as we have stood since Dawn began – holders of the Light. As candelabras hold a flaming beacon, so do we stand. Our arms outstretched, our eyes upon the Homeland, our hearts with the Earth we Serve. Ever in gentleness, purity and peace – so do we stand. Angels of the Dawn, Bringers of Light, anchors of Truth. So do we stand together as One. And so long have we stood, we did forget at times those who stood with us, and now the Dawn grows ever brighter and we wake – and oh the joy, the ecstasy, the delight, as we turn this way and that – and see our starry brethren all around. Reaching out upon the horizon, as far as eye can see, these Pillars of Light, these Beacons of the Dawn, these candelabras that hold the Starlight strong, are burning. Burning ever more brightly do they shine, through the mist and veils of forgetfulness that once surrounded us. To those of the Starlight I call. Angels of the Dawn. Bringers of Truth and Beacons of Light. Anchors of this Light, and Illuminators through time. Brothers and Sisters – I call to you:

renew your strength, renew your pledge, and double your efforts to raise this Earth Star Terra in her dream. For she needs stabilizing in her progress through the waves and beams and rays of sound and light, that do bombard her all around it seems. She needs assistance to align and poise herself upon new ground.

And we shall see her through, and ride with her in active thought. Bringers of the Dawn are we, Heralds of this New Age, ready to sing our Song and blow the Trumpets of a future birthed in the now, the present moment. And so we sing and offer hope, and bring our vision of the motion to this present point of focus – in which we stand together, united as One most Holy Breath that has been held too long. Let us exhale together on Wings of Freedom in one silent Heartbeat to the Rainbow’s end.

Thus do we stand as we have stood since Dawn began and greet the rising Sun with joy.

Let Your Light Shine

– Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves: “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?”
Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It’s not just in some of us. It’s in everyone.
And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Begin it now – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.


– Lao-Tzu

A leader is best When people barely know That he exists, Less good when They obey and acclaim him, Worse when They fear and despise him. Fail to honor people And they fail to honor you. But of a good leader, When his work is done, His aim fulfilled, They will all say, “We did it ourselves.”

Who Am I?

– Author Unknown

You are a spirit, eternal and free. You currently have a case of mistaken identity. You are temporarily in a body to learn that you are beyond a body, just as a caterpillar must one day become a butterfly. All experiences you have in your life are teaching you this. That is why everything you do to better yourself, is just one more step forward to reaching your potential.

You were born to do great things. At the moment, you are only using a minute percentage of the power of your mind. You currently cannot use all of your mind, otherwise you would freak yourself out. It must be done little by little, until eventually, the great and powerful spiritual being you truly are, will shine, and it will shine brightly touching every aspect of the world you live in.

Everything will become transformed. You will then become a great example for others, and you will then remind others of their inner potential, touching everyone, one by one.

The Goddess In Us – by Devotion

(Partial Song Lyrics from the CD Intention)

We give birth to a new way of seeing…
We give birth to a new life made free…

All that is untruthful, I banish from my heart…
All the unessential, I take away, I break apart…
All that would enslave me, I cast out of my soul…
Hold me as you heal me now, and keep my spirit whole…

The Emotional Journey

– Abraham Hicks

“Your true career is your joyful balanced life experience. That is why you are here. There are many ways you can express yourself. Start creating from the inside out. ‘I want to feel good.’ ‘I want to be fulfilled.’ ‘I want to feel my value and my purpose.’ ‘I want to feel my freedom.’ ‘I want to feel my joy.’ Confusion comes from not starting from your center. Do not start on the outside peripheral edges and try to fix things out there.”

“You do not have to control conditions, nor can you—but you can feel better. And when you do feel better, you’ve shifted your vibrational point of attraction. And when you’ve shifted your vibrational point of attraction—you’ve shifted your life.”

Heaven’s Here on Earth – Tracy Chapman

(Song Lyrics from the CD New Beginning)

You can look to the stars in search of the answers
Look for God and life on distant planets
Have your faith in the ever after
While each of us holds inside the map to the labyrinth
And heaven’s here on earth

We are the spirit the collective conscience
We create the pain and the suffering and the beauty in this world

Heaven’s here on earth
In our faith in humankind
In our respect for what is earthly
In our unfaltering belief in peace and love and understanding

I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise
Of ordinary people leading ordinary lives
Filled with love, compassion, forgiveness and sacrifice

Heaven’s in our hearts
In our faith in humankind
In our respect for what is earthly
In our unfaltering belief in peace and love and understanding

Look around
Believe in what you see
The kingdom is at hand
The promised land is at your feet
We can and will become what we aspire to be

If Heaven’s here on earth
If we have faith in humankind
And respect for what is earthly
And an unfaltering belief that truth is divinity
And heaven’s here on earth

I’ve seen spirits
I’ve met angels
I’ve touched creations beautiful and wondrous
I’ve been places where I question all I think I know
But I believe, I believe, I believe this could be heaven
We are born inside the gates with the power to create life
And to take it away
The world is our temple
The world is our church
Heaven’s here on earth

If we have faith in human kind
And respect for what is earthly
And an unfaltering belief
In peace and love and understanding
This could be heaven here on earth
Heaven’s in our heart

“A Woman’s Journey to God” – Joan Borysenko

“You are at my side, dear friends, and God is everywhere. Yet ultimately we are alone, making our way home by the candle of the heart. The light is steady and sure but extends only far enough to see the next step. That there are steps beyond is a matter of faith. That we have the faith to endure and walk our own journey — even when we think that we are lost — is a gift of grace, and of friendship. Many times our light seems to go out. But another light, one held by a stranger or a friend, a book or a song, a blackbird or a wildflower, comes close enough so that we can see our path by its light. And in time we realize that the light we have borrowed was always also our own.”

Becoming the Immortal Child

– Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead

(Translated by Normandi Ellis, complied from Egyptian funerary texts and religious hymns from 3000 B.C – 300 A.D)

In seafoam, in swirlings and imaginings I am fish, tadpole, crocodile. I am an urge, an idea, a portent of impossible dreams. I lie between heaven and
earth, between goodness and evil, patience and explosion. I am innocent and rosy as dawn. I sleep with my finger in my mouth, the cord of life curled
beside my ear. Like a child in its mother’s belly, I am with you but not among you. I know no ending for I have no beginning. I have always been here, a child in the silence of things, ready to wake at any moment.

I am possibility.

What I hate is ignorance, smallness of imagination, the eye that sees no farther than its own lashes. All things are possible. When we speak in anger, anger will be our truth. When we speak in love and live by love, truth in love will be our comfort. Who you are is limited only by who you think you are. I am the word before its utterance. I am thought and desire. I am a child in the throat of god.

Things are possible-joy and sorrow, men and women, children. Someday I’ll imagine myself a different man, build bone and make flesh around him. I am with you but a moment for an eternity. I am the name of everything.

I’ve dreamed the nightmare a hundred times, that old revulsion of bone and flesh, waking in sweat, in a headlong rush toward the world, into the cool certainty of fires that burn in sudden stars, the heat in the body. That I am precludes my never having been.

What I know was given to me to say. There is more.

There are words that exist only in the mind of heaven, a bright knowing, a clear moment of being. When you know it, you know yourself well enough. You will not speak. I am a child resting in love, in the pleasure of
clouds. I read the book of the river. I hold the magic of stones and trees. I find god in my fingers and in the wings of birds. I am my delight, creator of my destiny. It is not vanity.

There are those who live in the boundaries of guilt and fear, the limits of imagination. They believe limitation is the world. You can not change them. There is work of your own to do. You will never reach the end of your own becoming, the madness of creation, the joy of existence.

Dance in the moment. Reach down and pull up song. Spin and chant and forget the sorrow that we are flesh on bone. I return to the rhythm of water, to the dark song I was in my mother’s belly. We were gods then and we knew it. We are gods now dancing in whirling darkness, spitting flame like stars in the night.

In the womb before the world began, I was a child among other gods and children who were, or may be, or might have been. There in the dark when we could not see each other’s faces, we agreed with one mind to be born, to separate, to forget the pact we made that we might learn the secrets of our fraternity. We agreed to know sorrow in exchange for joy, to know death in exchange for life. We were dark seeds of possibility whispering.

Then one by one we entered alone. We walked on our legs, and as we had said, we passed in well-lit streets without recognizing each other; yet we were gods sheathed in flesh, the multitude of a single spirit. Gods live even in darkness, in the world above your heads, in the crevices of rocks, in the open palms of strangers.

I am a child, the seed in everything, the rhythm of flowers, the old story that lingers. Among cattle and fruit sellers, I am air. I am love hidden in a shy maiden’s gown. I am the name of things. I am the dream changing before your eyes. I am my body, a house for blood and breath. I am a man on earth and a god in heaven. While I travel the deserts in frail form, while i grow old and weep and die, I live always as a child inside the body of truth, a blue egg that rocks in the storm but never breaks. I sleep in peace in my mother’s lap, a child mesmerized by sunlight on the river. My soul is swallowed up by god.

Out of chaos came the light.

Out of the will came life.

Martin Luther King Jr.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

The Guided Meditation from Our First Energy Night

Spirit, the energy inherent to all of creation, is ever present and always in motion. Even in apparently inanimate things it flows… and yet it finds its most precious, creative expression in you – in the light of your eyes.

In all that you are, all that you do and become moment by moment, Spirit celebrates the essence of its Being in you.

Breathe now, and feel yourself expanding. On your breath Spirit moves, including in your world all that you sense in this moment.

Take a look around you…literally allow your eyes to move about the room, to linger where they will. Take in your surrondings in their full measure.

Now…close your eyes and sense all that you’ve just witnessed within the realm of your own heart – Spirit’s dwelling place.

Notice that all that surrounds you remains within your awareness, as you are… right here, right now. Even with your eyes closed you still have a sense of it.

In and out, breath by breath, expand that awareness. Allow yourself to float in the Spirit that surrounds and holds you inside and out like a warm golden lake.

This is where the Spirit flowing within your awareness, AS your awareness, meets the Spirit flowing in your Life, creating it moment by moment. Feel boundaries fade as you float and breathe in the Truth of your divine birthright.

Your body, the air, what you’re sitting on, all flows in a divine dance centered within you. The expression of life living, flowing, being and becoming.

Bask in this. Continue to breath and feel.

Notice the quality of that energy – a light seen by the eyes of the heart growing ever more radiant. The same Spirit that resides in you lives in ALL things. ALL people.

Feel this, allow it to blossom in your heart as you breath and know it to be True. Ever present, ever loving, a divine embrace that is the deepest nature of All That Is. Of every cell in your body.

This Is Yours. Own it. Be it. Feel it and know…Love is there.

Here, there, everywhere, Love eternal binds us in the freedom of the most precious gift – Awareness of our own nature as Spirit having a human experience, Gifted with the ability to create by our very Being.

We really are that precious.

Center in your heart now…breath through it gently, mindfully, and allow your soul to blossom in the experience of your own magnificence.