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The Pulse …in life

Recently I was reminded of my empath training several years ago. Our teacher asked that we bring a flower to the second day of the workshop. I was like, um, okay…a flower. Not sure what that has to do with being trained how to work with empathy and people, but okay.

Ends up it had everything to do with it. We were learning how to sense energy using our hands specifically, toward the end of the day. Everyone was laughing with delight as one by one each person held their flower and experienced its life force.

Mine was a very sad Charlie Brown Xmas Tree kind of flower by that point – it was drooping and all the petals were falling off!! I was honestly frightened to experience it at all, expecting death, decay, who knows what. I had no idea what a flower was even supposed to feel like to an empath, let alone a dying flower…

My teacher insisted however. I was to the point of tears, looking at this poor thing and not wanting to partake in its death, but she gently told me not to be afraid and guided me step by step, sitting next me as I steeled myself.

She told me it wasn’t at all what I thought it was going to be, then said I should close my eyes and listen extra close since this being’s life was ebbing and what it had to say would be soft.

I didn’t hear anything at all at first. I was sure my teacher had just plugged me in to some death zone horrible thing and I’d be scarred for life…but I decided to trust her as she told me to stay with it.

I cupped my hands around the flower and felt its petals brush my fingers as if it was holding my hand. I thought about how the petals were soft, and imagined the color, and smelled the smell. It was a daisy, and the petals were like velvet – what was left of them ;)

And that’s when I heard it. It really was quiet, just like the teacher said it would be – it was like laughing music, or bells even… To my astonishment I realized it was giggling!

I looked up and the teacher realized I had heard it and she nodded, “They don’t know anything but life, and they share that freely with everyone without reservation right to the last.”

I did start crying then – kinda relief and joy and astonishment all at once. I ran around then and ‘listened’ to everyone else’s flowers and heard their different songs – all different, though it seemed similar species had similar songs.

Someone had brought a houseplant since they couldn’t get a flower in time and I listened to that and it was very different. More like soft giggling drums than bells.

I later led a whole group of people (I organize the Metaplay meetup – the NoVa/DC Metaphysics meetup and play group on through a Whole Foods grocery and introduced them to the art of empathic grocery shopping, lol – you can imagine ;)

I was never afraid to listen again, and in fact have a membership at one of the local arboretums and walk there often :)

Listening to people is nothing like listening to plants. Plants and flowers know nothing about fear in any way. They sing their songs fully and completely without pause in all that they do, simply because that’s what they are.

It’s people who have been given the gift of free will and choice, and with it the responsibilities of power. Samsara and suffering is our thing, to the degree we take it on.

But that natural rhythm the plants sway to so easily is the backdrop to our being as well. We too sing our songs, complex as they may be at times. We often stifle them with shoulds and such, but that’s ours and manufactured by us to experience as part of our current Way to lesser and greater degrees…

S’all good. Being with the natural world helps us remember who we are underneath all that roiling responsibility. We’re alive.


The Pulse …in being

The act of Being has almost become a lost art in this world we’ve built up around ourselves, a world created with push-pull forms of controlling the flow of energy. We’ve learned to hammer ourselves into shapes that fit the common mold – out of necessity – and in so doing we’ve unintentionally perpetuated it. It keeps limping along because we are, birds walking on the ground even tho somewhere along the way our feathers grew in and we can now fly. Surprise! :)

We’ve become way too big to fit the common mold. The inherent flaw of the mold has shown itself – the illusion of freedom of choice (you can be a nurse, a teacher or a mother – you get to choose!) has become real. We believed the Truth that was always there right on into being an actual reality – we really do get to choose anything, now…and choose we must, or get caught in the undertow.

The new mold isn’t a mold at all…it’s more of a way. The way of authenticity. No more learning how to fit into anything other than allowing ourselves to be who we are – which is actually a bit of a challenge, at least for me.

There are a lot of old programs in place – ones we felt were necessary to our survival within the old life interface. As I’m remaining present to my own authenticity, to being who I am and meeting life as it meets me in any given moment, old programs have been coming up for clearing… They’re the parts that are uncomfortable, telling me who and how to be even if it’s contrary to my nature.

Being is all about learning and growing through joy, thriving, AS you, just the way you are and just the way you’re becoming as you focus in on that which you want to explore next. Well, apparently this is right next door to suicide according to many of my old programs. Be who I am? Are you kidding?

Thing is, we’re the shift generation – everyone alive today. The world is in the midst of  a huge paradigm shift, and we get to be the ones who ride the line as that wave crests into the new Now. Time to learn how to surf – clinging to the old template (the one that tells you who you are and how to be safe being it) is becoming more and more uncomfortable. It’ll have us rolling and tumbling in the undertow if we hold on to it.

I have to admit – I have been quite the clinger when it comes to surviving. Thriving isn’t something I’ve ever really known…so I tend to cling to the old programs that say ‘do this or die’ even when they no longer work as expected. This keeps happening over and over, becoming more and more uncomfortable.

I’ve discovered that I’ve had to learn an entirely new skill set – one that’s all about breathing in and letting go. Being authentically myself…allowing life to flow in, through, and around me as it is and as I am in any given moment.

Very similar to instructions they give to swimming pool lifeguards…how best to survive in deep water? Breathe deep, spread yourself out as you are without tensing up (in other words, relax…) and Be. Float and be…the water will hold you exactly as you are, if you’re willing to let go and trust it.

The Pulse …in relationship

With Mercury retrograde and a whole host of other heavenly bodies having had us dancing on our toes with each other lately, relationships are definitely coming up for re-examination. What kind? All kinds.

Here’s the little tidbit that led me to write today: Did you know that there is a third entity created between you and anyone (or anything, for that matter!) in relationship? Think of it as a floating ball of energy between you and your best friend, or you and your wallet.

When it comes to working with energy using such tools as Reiki, or even reading such energy using such tools as tarot, a pendulum, etc… the ball of energy between you and the other individual or object is open territory.

What this comes down to is, it is not ethically appropriate to manipulate someone else’s energy when you’re fighting with them. You can, however, address the co-created bundle of vibes between you with whatever hopes and understandings, healings and realization, you want.

This goes for objects, too. Objects in this physical reality we live in are placeholders, projections for our ideas and energy flow. You can step into the stream, mid-stream, and work with all the constructs related to those objects (such as your car relating to how you move in life, your house as to your body and health, your wallet as to your finances, etc). Here you can do readings, adjust flow or whatever to your heart’s content.

Oneness is Here, Now