EIP in DNA – finally let go of those recurring patterns you just can’t seem to stop yourself from repeating!

EIP in DNA is short for Eliminating Interference Patterns in DNA. It was first created by Margaret Ruby and showcased in her book, The DNA of Healing: The Five Step Process for Total Wellness and Abundance. I trained in the technique and love it – it’s still my own personal go-to process for letting go of limiting beliefs :)

Over time I adapted it to work in a group format – to great success. This process is all about delving deep and then rising to the surface, finally free of the lingering pain and the ways of seeing and being that can be created by traumatic events and repetitive negative messages (from yourself and others!)

Experience this yourself by booking a private session with me, or signing up for one of the group coaching Synergy Circles! :)


I found the DNA session quite interesting and very unique. I was impressed with how well the selected topic fit with my needs and Akira was a wonderful “host”. I felt much lighter and more at peace than before the call. I also felt a real sense of gentleness and community during the call. – Rose

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