There are several different kinds of events held here in Spirit Space :)

Spirit’s Choice Meditations – Guided meditation created by weaving together the suggestions of those present

Reading Nights – Three-person Akashic Record reading events drawing upon the group dynamic

In Person – These events take place in the D.C. area

I have participated in 3 of the modalities that Dawn has offered in the last 6 months, each one special for a particular purpose.

Spirit’s Choice Meditation opened my heart to a new way of Being. I had an overactive startle-reflex that was calmed beyond the point I had ever experienced! It has continued to deepen into areas that I hadn’t realized were similar reflex-reactions.

My experience during the Akashic Records Reading was very helpful to answer a few questions I had been brooding over. They were answered in a concrete way as was needed, and has given me appreciated guidance. Other info was given which has caused deep soul-searching, and although I don’t have a clear answer yet, I am getting pieces of the puzzle ever since. I enjoy listening to the recording of the session that was sent afterwards, a great tool for further growth.

During the Eliminating Interference Patterns session, a group of people were present (on the phone) who in some way shared certain DNA and life-history issues. The keys to dealing with or removing these issues were given in a clear, concise way.

The accumulated effects of these sessions is continuing to bring clarity and growth to my Journey. I can recommend Dawn’s services to anyone who has questions or issues that are ready to be changed for the good. Dawn’s work can be summarized with the phrase:

Very gently powerful!

Holly Wadden