Reading Nights

Reading Nights

Spirit Space Reading nights are and hour in length and take place over the phone. They’re a very special kind of session designed to harness the joined, transformative energy of a small group of people.  The exchange for participating is $45, and there are a maximum of  THREE seats available for each event. These events are recorded and the MP3’s are sent privately to the participants.

What to Expect

During these events, you’ll receive a mini-reading and will have the opportunity to ask questions. These events can actually be quite powerful when it comes to making large, life-changing shifts by virtue of the group energy that’s harnessed.

The atmosphere in which you will be receiving your mini-reading is non-judgmental and supportive. We’ll introduce ourselves and enter the Akashic field together, then spend the entire hour within that rarefied energy of life and potential while performing the readings… This in itself is deeply healing and expansive – it’s been known to spark connections and ‘Ah ha!’ moments all by itself!

How to Attend a Live Event

These events are limited to the first three people to RSVP and tend to take place on the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm eastern. (time zone converter) Subscribe to the mailing list to stay informed on when registration opens!

Coming Soon :)

Upon registration you’ll receive an email with the unique phone number and access code to use for the event, and full instructions detailing how to make the most of your experience. :)

 – It was really a wonderful experience last night! … You instill confidence…confidence that we all know our soul’s best and necessary path. Your voice, your words and your energy are soothing, centering and contribute to this confidence. The guided meditation you led really put me in a place where I felt a shared energy with you and all the participants. Your reading was a very cathartic experience for me—a definite clearing that I needed. – K.G.

– Thank you again for the reading last night.  It was an amazing experience. – T.K.