Spirit’s Choice Meditations

Spirit’s Choice Meditations

Spirit’s Choice Meditations are personalized for the participants! They take place over the phone and are woven together based upon the suggestions and energy of everyone taking part, along with the flow of Spirit.

What to Expect

Before we begin I’ll ask for suggestions of things to be added in during the guided meditation. This can be pretty much anything! :) Some previously suggested topics are listed below.

* Colors, symbols, sacred geometry and such
* General concepts like Past Lives and Sacred Contracts
* Ideas to embrace such as Love and Support
* Living in Abundance and Relationships
* Things to experience, like flying or visiting a distant planet
* Meeting with figures such as angels, ascended masters, ancestors, totem animals and Mother Earth

I’ll take at least one suggestion from each participant then weave them into a Spirit guided meditation for everyone. The meditation will be recorded and made privately available as an MP3 as part of your exchange

How to Attend a Live Event

These events have limited seating and tend to take place on the third Thursday of the month at 7pm eastern. (time zone converter) Subscribe to the mailing list to stay informed of when registration opens!

Coming Soon :)

Upon registration you’ll receive an email with the phone number and access code to use for the event along with full instructions detailing how to make the most of your experience. :)

Click here to listen to previously recorded guided meditations done through Spirit Space!

I felt a wonderful sense of calm, going deep, relaxing into the audio guidance. Colours & gratitude were enormous! Yes, truly, I was floaty for a few hours afterwards & very calm. very welcome results! Exactly what I wanted! – FloatingOnSmiles