Fae, Angels and the Nature Realm

– Encounter and Request –

Our world is literally FULL of fae, angels and other beings of love and light
08-15-12 – Wednesday, 8pm Eastern


How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? How many would you like? :) The angels, first off, are not to be confused with the Archangels. Different energy, different purpose. They come to us when they sense a need. They surround us and whisper soft words of encouragement, reminding us that we are special, amazing, and above all…loved.

The devic realm of Fae, plants and animals is a realm apart from the angels. The angels exist to spread love and serve all sentient beings, specifically. Those of the devic realm exist to serve Gaia and life itself. Each fae has its own job to do – and that can include giving you a playful bit of guidance here and there as needed. This energy includes the Singers of creation, the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars as well.

All have a song and purpose you can tune in to. We are all born knowing how to do this – it’s in our blood and bones, but sometimes we need a little reminder… Especially in a day and age where such things have often been reduced to the category of Fantasy and make-believe. They’re not. They are a part of Creation – just like you and me.