Readings by Phone and Email :)

Readings – get a better idea of what’s actually going on, and where to go from here!
These are question based intuitive readings performed by delving into the Akashic Records, the Tarot, or your Auric Field – or a combination of all three if you so desire! I am a Positive Potentials reader :)

Readings by phone are $125/hr – more than enough time to cover several questions. Repeat clients have the option of booking half hour follow-up sessions at $55. The session is recorded and provided as an mp3. To book a session, just visit PayPal below, then email me with your request to set an appointment, and your likely availability. I’ll respond within a day or two with a few options for you to choose from :)

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Readings by email are $55 for up to three questions. Just visit PayPal below, then email me with your requested focus! I will usually respond within a day or two.

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