These are sites I visit often and have found especially useful, insightful, and/or inspiring :) Just putting these in as I think of them, in no particular order.

Energy Updates / Alerts – PowerPath is awesome, they come out with a monthly big ‘what’s up’ astrological/energy update, and another one mid month. A Shamanistic approach to life and transformation. – Lee Harris Energy. Great monthly energy updates – he channels. Good stuff, love the videos :) The updates are also available in text for those who process better that way.

(Free) Oracles and Readings – These people are awesome, and their online reading(s) are great when you just want a bit of quick insight from an outside source. You even get to save your readings so you can go back and compare! :) – The lightworker cards are hands down my favorites – I’m a huge fan of the Inner Child deck. All the decks are by Isha Lerner – I bought one and adore it, but still come to the site now and then!

Very Useful Stuff – I use this free service all the time. It’s for taking any website’s worth of text and making it, well, printer friendly. You get to take out pictures, set your own font size, remove whole chunks even! And, you can save your finished product as a pdf. Yep. – This is where I go for all the pictures I use on any of my sites and projects, including The Daily Spark. The images are high quality, ever-changing, wide in variety, royalty free – which means you can use them anywhere, in any way you like. Incredible resource for pretty much anything using images. :) I’ve donated $ to them in gratitude more than once.