Spirit Guides – The Basics

Learn to tune in to and meet your Spirit Guide(s)

08-08-12 – Wednesday, 8pm Eastern

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Spirit Guides take on all different kinds of forms – isn’t that neat? :) I currently have two Spirit Guides working with me – my Primary Spirit Guide is named Oben Dabie and he looks a whole lot like a monk – brown robe, rope belt, sandals and everything. White hair, beard, warm smile and laughing eyes. He’s always kind, even when I’m stubborn – and usually stays out of the way unless I ask him something specifically.

My other Spirit Guide is a guardian, and has been with me since I received my Master level Shambhala MD attunement. He takes the form of a big white gargoyle – alabaster, like beautiful stone. Mostly he just hangs out in the background so I barely know he’s there… But when something impacts me, like an energy that doesn’t serve my greatest and highest good, he’ll rise up and let me know, and sheild me if I ask.

I’m 100% positive you have an equally interesting cast of characters perfectly suited to you and your life situations. Let’s meet them! :)