Gold Star Membership

Welcome! :)

It’s awesome you’re considering becoming a Gold Star member! This is where the real potential of Spirit Space begins to be real-ized – in an exchange that allows me to pay special attention to you. Here’s a description of what’s included, in greater detail:

Special Mailing List

I’ll be sending out content created especially for Gold Star members – Sacred Audio’s with embedded activations, Guided Meditations designed for achieving particular purposes, as well as articles targeting what the Gold Star group is currently working with :)

The Monthly Synergy Circle

This takes place in a teleconference format in which everyone in attendance is in direct contact with each other. It’s a conversation, a Q&A session, a guided meditation, a chance to discuss

Rather than being a passive space into which you can enter at will, this is a space specifically designed in vortex fashion to liiiiiiift you into your next highest space of expression and awareness.

You ready? Then let’s get this party started! :D

The exchange for all of this is $20 / month

You can sign up for a PayPal subscription


Pay for the entire year in advance at a 10% discount