The Archangels

– Experience and Learn to Summon –

The overlighting presence of an Archangel can make all the difference
08-29-12 – Wednesday, 8pm Eastern


We will be experiencing the energy of and learning to summon three of the Archangels during this class. We won’t be doing a history lesson or learning facts or anything like that. Instead, what I’ll be doing is giving you the actual experience, with just enough information for your mind to hold on to so that your heart and body can move into alignment and work best with the energies themselves.

We will be requesting the presence of the each Archangel one at a time, so we can feeling what it’s like to work with each of their overlighting specialties. Here they are in no particular order:

Archangel Michael carries the sword of truth, cutting through limitation and confusion and transcending situations that seem impossible at first glance. Protector and Guide.
Archangel Gabriel is all about communication, clarity and really conveying exactly what it is you intend. Great to summon when relationship crisis, writing, teaching and speaking.
Archangel Raphael is the one to call when you’re in need of healing. Wholeness, acceptance, forgiveness…a beautiful soft energy of overall, ‘It’s okay. You aren’t alone. This serves a purpose.’

Last but not least, each of you will become comfortable with summoning each of the Archangels in turn, so you can work with them on your own as you like. They truly do adore the opportunity to do be of service :) You can feel it in their presence.