Song of the Way-show-er Women

by Akira Dawn

The dream began in a typical enough way – random images from the day, the occasional snippet of plot – and then everything abruptly changed. I felt as if I had woken up and my surroundings took on an exquisite level of detail, as if I were really there…sitting on the floor of a small, cluttered room, my legs stretched out before me.

I took a look around and discovered an odd assortment of stuff, all bathed in the soft, ambient glow of an unidentified light source. Everything around me had a very warm, personal feel, as if someone had sifted through their memories and collected here everything most dear to their heart. Music appeared to be one of the main themes of the collection.

Directly in front of me sat an ancient record player, well used and well cared for, beside which lay huge collection of records, strewn about as if someone had just been looking through them. Next to these were several stacks of magazines from the 50’s and 60’s, many of which had Elvis on the cover.

I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, and realized I wasn’t alone. An older woman sat off to my left at a small piano all but covered with sheet music. Her hands moved over the keys with practiced ease, and I realized she must have been playing since I had ‘arrived’, I just hadn’t heard her. I suddenly knew that she was aware of my presence, but she neither spoke nor turned to look at me. She just continued to play, rocking gently in time with the music as the melody unfolded and became more intricate.

She gave off a sense of welcome, and a sense of ‘take your time, there’s no rush.’ As the song began to move with the new, more complicated rhythm, colors began to gently pulse from her fingers in time. Curling trails of pinks, blues, purples and greens flowed into the air above her head, then gently faded. At the time, this didn’t strike me as impossible or even odd. Curiosity filled me, a pressing need to understand how she was making this happen, and moreover, a keen desire to learn how to do it myself!

I moved without standing, and suddenly found myself next to the piano, watching her hands. She smiled up at me as she played, an older woman with a kind, open face. I suddenly understood that she had been waiting for me, though she said not a word, and that I was not the first to pass through.

In this new form of pure communication without words, she explained how she created the colors by wrapping her emotion and desire into the music. She gestured for me to sit next to her, and we spent the next several hours together, sharing and learning, until I could create the colors as well.

She told me of her life many years past, of how she so loved being alive, but that she had a job to do as a Wayshower. She explained how she had re-created some of the favorite things from her previous life – that those items were never lost to a person. They were a part of who she was, of what she had experienced, and so she could summon them at any time.

This concept of creating items intrigued me a great deal, and she laughed with pleasure at my enthusiasm. I wanted to know! I wanted to know everything! Immediately! With that, we left the room, and she proceeded to introduce me to several other WayShower women. Each of them began to instruct me in all they knew about various aspects of the creation of reality.

Much followed this that I am unable to recall clearly. A blur of images, of learning to create from my memories, and new things. I was taught we all have the ability to create – that we do it every day. We experience, we grow, and we choose what we would like and what we would not like – and in so doing we expand the universe! It is our ability to experience and choose that makes us so unique. That makes us so special. They pointed out that most of us do this unconscious of our true power.

The overwhelming feeling of the dream was one of utter creativity – of the ability to do and be and have anything my heart and mind could conceive of. Everything that had gone before this Now moment added to who I was, and what I could create, because it expanded my ability to conceive, and to desire in a new way.

The culmination of the dream came in the form of myself and the Wayshowers driving in the desert at night in a pink Cadillac convertible with the top down. I got the sense that I was showing off my newly re-discovered creative abilities, and giving them a good time. They were laughing and waving their hands in the air as we drove down the deserted highway. I thought it would be really neat if the sun were to rise right then. I decided to try it, and rose it did, cresting the horizon and painting the sky in a wash of blues, purples, umber reds and oranges.

When I awoke I felt like I had been gone for days, asleep but not asleep. It was as if I had just gone on the journey of a lifetime, learning on several different levels simultaneously. Coming back to reality as I understood it at that time was a bit of a letdown. I felt so clunky and powerless in my human shell. It wasn’t until a few years later that I came to understand that the principles I had learned in the dream were actually applicable to ‘real life’.

We really are creators – we create constantly, whether we’re aware of it or not. It’s only a matter of consciously harnessing that creative power. We, at our core, are the dreamers and creators of reality, allowing it to unfold before our eyes upon our thoughts and emotions, on the in breath of our dreams and the experience of our desires in the Now moment. Each and every last one of us really is that precious, that beautiful, and that immensely powerful.

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  1. What a fun, intriguing, dynamic dream!

    >>We experience, we grow, and we choose what we would like and what we would not like – and in so doing we expand the universe!

    This is quite stunning. I don’t know if i haven’t heard this before, or it this is the first time I heard it and believed it. WE expand the Universe! What can be more awesome than that? Thanks for sharing this dream and insights Dawn! Renee

    • Yes! And can you believe I actually had that dream way back in ’98? That was before I even shifted focus from ‘I hate my life’ world to ‘Life is good and getting better’ world!

      Love :)
      – Dawn

  2. Its seems you visited another dimension. That is very cool. You were being guided and thus protected because you are very compassionate and committed to share your skills to help others find their way. This is my belief about your “dream”. I think we all have this capacity to visit other realms if we are open to it. Thanks for sharing your experience, it was fun and interesting to read.

  3. Hey there, Sarah – thank you for your thoughtful commentary!

    Yes, I think I did, too… I find it neat that even in someone else’s dimensional reality projection things can be dusty and run down – because that’s the way they’re supposed to be!

    *thinks about it* May be true that I was guided and protected b/c of being compassionate and committed to sharing my skills. I think also though that a desire to know how to skillfully use those them was the key to that door.

    I’m sure we do all have that ability! We use it all the time – we spend a ton of our lives doing it, to varying degrees…sleeping isn’t just for recharging.

    Glad you enjoyed it! You may also like some of the other stories that are up – Empty Plates ~ Full Spirits ( is another dimensional dream-trip learning story. :D

    Love :)
    – Dawn

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