This Month’s Spirit Circles

August Spirit Circles

Guides and Guardians

four evening classes by phone

begins August 8th

Description: Let’s get together and get in touch with both ourselves, and our guides and guardians. :) There are many of them out there, did you know?

You have at least one Spirit Guide who has been with you since birth. Other guides come and go as the need arises, (including future versions of yourself!), and angels are always present where there is any kind of pain or suffering. But it’s up to you to let them in.

The natural energy of the Devic realm of plants and animals, including the Fae and Crystal energies, are also here to help! :) And the Sun and Moon and stars and even the earth, Gaia herself. There is so much support for us – we are surrounded by love at all times, in so many ways.

There are also energies you can summon, request, and tune in to. The Archangels are one of these – but you must make the request for support and guidance. Like your Spirit Guide(s) they can not and will not interfere with your life – this is the gift of free will, and it is sacred above all things.

This month’s Spirit Circles are all about learning to let in all the love that life has to offer. :) You can attend all the sessions, or just the ones you’re interested you most :)

When: Wednesday evenings at 8pm Eastern.

Session 1 – 08-08-12: Meet Your Spirit Guide(s) – The Basics
Session 2 – 08-15-12: Fae, Angels and the Nature Realm – Encounter and Request
Session 3 – 08-22-12: Working with Your Spirit Guide(s) – Advanced
Session 4 – 08-29-12: The Archangels – Experience and Learn to Summon

Where: Teleconference

Exchange: $50 per class, or $125 for all fourYou will receive a recording for every class you’re registered for, even if you’re unable to be there that night :)

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Spirit Guides
– The Basics –
Learn to tune in to and meet your Spirit Guide(s)
08-08-12 – Wednesday, 8pm Eastern

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Spirit Guides take on all different kinds of forms, didn’t you know? I currently have two Spirit Guides working with me – my Primary Spirit Guide is named Oben Dabie and he looks a whole lot like a monk – brown robe, rope belt and everything. White hair, beard, warm smile and laughing eyes. He’s always kind, even when I’m stubborn – and usually stays out of the way unless I ask him something specifically.

My other Spirit Guide has been with me since I began working with clients in any way – both a He and a She as the need arises, they are a white gargoyle – alabaster, like beautiful stone. They come to life whenever energy tries to impact me in a way that doesn’t serve, letting me know of what’s going on, and acting on my behalf when necessary.

I’m 100% positive you have an equally interesting cast of characters perfectly suited to you. Let’s meet them! :)

Fae, Angels and the Nature Realm
– Encounter and Request –

Our world is literally FULL of fae, angels and other beings of love and light
08-15-12 – Wednesday, 8pm Eastern


How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? How many you want? ;) The angels, first off, are not to be confused with the Archangels. Different energy, different purpose. They come to us when they sense a need, and whisper soft words of encouragement, reminding us that we are special, amazing, and above all…loved.

The devic realm of Fae, plants and animals are very different. Each fae has its own job to do – and that can include giving you a playful bit of guidance here and there as needed. This energy includes the Singers of creation, the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars as well.

All have a song and purpose you can tune in to when you know how, and the desire is there. We are all born knowing how to do this – it’s in our blood and bones. Sometimes we need a little reminder, especially in a day and age where such things have often been reduced to the category of Fantasy and make-believe. They’re not. They are a part of Creation – just like you and me. Come find out for yourself! :)

Working with Your Spirit Guide(s)
– Advanced –

Tuning in for the purpose of communication and receiving direct guidance
08-22-12 – Wednesday, 8pm Eastern


Your Spirit Guide(s) have the benefit of the BIG PICTURE, including your Soul Contracts and intentions for this lifetime from before you were even born. They will joyfully fulfill their purpose and help keep you on track for your greatest and highest good, letting you in on some higher info regarding choices you need to make, why certain things have happened or are happening, relationships in your life, and so on.

During this class we’ll be learning to use several different methods of communication. Deep heart tuning will be the first, followed by working with pendulums, muscle testing and automatic writing (or typing, as they case may be!)

It’s highly recommended that you either are already in touch with your Spirit Guide(s) before you take this class – either from previous experience or by joining the August 8th Circle, Spirit Guides – The Basics :)

The Archangels
– Experience and Learn to Summon –

The overlighting presence of an Archangel can make all the difference
08-29-12 – Wednesday, 8pm Eastern


We will be experiencing the energy of and learning to summon three of the Archangels during this class. We won’t be doing a history lesson or learning factual guidelines or anything like that. Instead, what I’ll be doing is giving you just enough for your mind to grasp, so that your heart and body can move into alignment and work best with the energies themselves.

We will be moving in the energy of each of the Archangels in turn, and feeling what it’s like to work with each of their overlighting specialties. Here they are in no particular order:

Archangel Michael carries the sword of truth, cutting through limitation and confusion and transcending situations that seem impossible at first glance. Protector and Guide.
Archangel Gabriel is all about communication, clarity and really conveying exactly what it is you intend. Great to summon when relationship crisis, writing, teaching and speaking.
Archangel Raphael is the one to call when you’re in need of healing. Wholeness, acceptance, forgiveness…a beautiful soft energy of overall, ‘It’s okay. You aren’t alone. This serves a purpose.’

Last but not least, we’ll become comfortable with summoning each of the Archangels in turn, so we can work with them in our daily lives. They truly do adore the opportunity to do so :) You can feel it in their presence.