Wings of Light

Wings of Light: A simple yet profound technique for grounding, connecting, and running energy in a wide variety of ways!

Wings of Light is what I call a way of working with energy that I developed and have been using myself for years. I came up with the name as a description – it really looks like wings made of light when you do it! :)

With experience I’ve used the practice for basic energy work such as –

  • remaining grounded, connected and protected
  • recharging your energy via earth and sky
  • heightening your awareness of places, spaces and people
And even more advanced practices, like –
  • energy healing for self and loved ones
  • working with Law of Attraction
  • being seen (and not being seen) in a crowd

The sky’s the limit, really (pun intended). I have yet to explore all the potentials :) I look forward to expanding the practice!

You can experience this technique and learn how to work with it yourself by booking a private session with me, or signing up for one of the monthly Synergy Circles! :)


Comment! :)

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