‘ello! :)

I’m keeping Spirit Space around as a blog because it’s still getting so much traffic, and because I loved the work I did here :) The Daily Sparks and, well, everything! :)

I have moved on however…my life shifted and so did my space! I am now a Spiritual, Transformational Life Coach and I adore the work :) I still teach and write and love sharing – none of that’s changed :)

You can find me over at my new site, The Empathic Coach :) You can also find me on Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook!

And here’s the original Spirit Space intro from a few years ago! :)

I Am Akira Dawn, and Spirit Space is the home of my passion :) My passion is in providing guidance for your getting in touch with your own core, heart-based Self and then shining it forth into your life. That’s what I’m all about! :)

I express this through my week-daily newsletter, The Daily Spark, through Events conducted both locally and over the phone, and in One-on-One sessions.

I am a trained Empath and a Master level energy healer. I’m also an Intuitive, skilled in the art of working in the Akashic Field and an experienced Tarot reader.

As Akira, I am a channel for Spirit under the auspices of Archangel Michael. My specialty is providing guidance in the release of limitation and the expansion of the soul in this human life.

What really makes my heart sing is to help people to real-ize their potential…to become deeply aware of it and then sing it into this world of ours, whatever it may be. :)

Everything we need to be who we are, to fulfill our purpose and shine forth, is within. The heart of the matter is ready to be revealed.

Spirit Space is a consciously co-created vortex of potential, built upon and powered by the blue ray, the purpose of Archangel Michael, a light in the dark.