The Power of Owning What Is

It is possible to love everything and everyone. It all begins with loving yourself… As you do this, the world slowly transforms to reflect your new state of non-resistance.

When you accept things as they are, even when they’re not what you want at the moment, you then have the power to move with them instead of using all of your energy to push back.

If there’s something in your life you don’t want, it’s just evidence that you’ve given your power away to fear somewhere by resisting What Is.

Oops, no biggie. Every instant of your life holds the opportunity to turn things around and regain your power.

Discomfort is just a marvelous opportunity to discover how to love more, and resist less.

Everything you’ve created in your life holds the key to its own creation in its nature. If you look closely, things you’ve created that you don’t want will reveal to you exactly where you are holding resistance, along with the keys to how to create something new.

When you embrace the creation of discomfort in your life by not resisting it, you’re then able to recognize it as the evidence it really is. Not scary – just visceral evidence that you have just encountered an opportunity to grow as a person, right there with the keys to how you can do so!

By virtue of this growth, you will naturally create something new. You get to truly dance with your own creations, this way, as it has always been meant to be. It’s fun! :)

In this dance, you take responsibility for being the true creator of your own world – ALL of it – and thus own your true power.

This isn’t some crazy unattainable goal of an enlightened master far removed from ourselves. This is within our reach, bit by bit, right now. And it all begins with not resisting who you are.

Via the understanding of muscle testing, we have come to understand that some energy states sap our strength. Shame, blame, hate, and ultimately the space that is behind them all: Fear.

Fear is not an emotion. It is the sensation you feel when your strength is sapped because for a moment, you’re not believing in your own power as the true creator of your own experience. It is the vacuum left behind by resistance to What Is.